Pleurotus Pulmonarius

These mushrooms are the true summer oyster. They prefer warmer temperatures and can be distinguished from white-spored Postreatus with their beautiful lilac-colored spore-prints. Most strains have all white fruitbodies, and this one is no exception. This strain was originally isolated from the ID tables at Oconee State Park, South Carolina growing out of a Virginia Pine branch. It will fruit on conifer wood, but the mushrooms are small. It prefers to fruit on hardwoods or can be grown on pasteurized agricultural waste, such as straw or cotton. This culture is great for mycoremediation projects and can also convert piles of conifer mulch and stumps into the soil, and has shown high activity in breaking down herbicides. This mushroom is a treat to eat, has a soft, velvety, and sweet flavor reminiscent of anise, and is super easy to grow during the warmer months of the year!